Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Single in the Snow

My first ride in the snow in 2 years but by the time I hit the Gussy on Wednesday it was more of a inconvenience if at all.  It made the trail slushy at times, and very wet.  The Raleigh XXIX was riding really nice, in fact I would say that I have it dialed in now!


I was surprised to not have found any tire tracks in the cleared section that I worked on last Sunday.  I was the first!  It could be that people were just riding down and like the new reroute.  What's interesting about it is that the log is so high that I didn't have duck to get underneath it while riding! In fact, I never even noticed it.



finn maguire said...

love the top pic. rides to work on trails in fresh snow are among my favorite rides all year.

that must be a pretty tall log for you to not have to duck!

Mark said...

I think it's almost 6 feet up high!