Monday, November 12, 2012

Today's TM was brought to you by the letters R and H

I had originally planned to spend the day riding in Nassarica but those plans fell through so I decided to do a reroute on the Upper Gussy Trail because Hurricane Sandy knocked over some trees that really jammed up the trail.

There is one big tree that knocked over two more.  Even if you cut up the two that are lower to the ground I think you would have needed to take care of the higher one and that would have been a killer job.

After laying out pin flags, raking, cutting trees and tweaking the trail someone it was time to bring out the big gun:  My new 7 inch Rogue Hoe.  Basically it's a heavy duty McCleod that is the perfect tool for trail building.

Reroute on the way up starts right after this little up and over coming up from the big up and over further back on the trail.

Benched the opening section if you were coming down the Gussy but more benching will be required. 

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