Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I knew I should have ridden the Single Speed today!

After Sunday's Gravel Grinder and three hours of TM in the morning I didn't bring my A Game to this afternoon's ride and I would have bagged it all together but I was eager to the try riding the new reroute.

I decided to ride to Mulikin to see how it fared during Hurricane Sandy and it didn't.  There were a few dead trees on the run down to Al's Trail by Pond Brook that someone already took care of and another one that was ramped right on the edge.  In the muddy area past the first stream crossing (heading up) there is a big tree down blocking the trail in the muddy area.  Just as well because I hate this area because it's so wet and developed a reroute years ago but for some reason people continue to ride through the mud.  Well not, anymore.

This tree is at the top of the really big climb.  I am going to cut it and then try to move it into place to ride as a skinny.

On the last climb there was a big tree blocking the trail that took care.

Finally got to Sandy's Reroute only to find that my knobbies wouldn't be the first one on the trail.  The reroute rides really nice and is really fun to ride.  The big question is what will it be like to ride back up.  Even through I was pretty tired I was going to ride back up the trail to test it out but in the Reach Around I hit a stick that threw my rear derailleur out of whack and I decided to bag it and ride home.


finn maguire said...

From your title, I knew a derailleur would be featured in this post.

Mark said...

And the crazy thing is, the hanger isn't bent but it won't hold onto the lower gears properly.