Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blaze Orange and Belled

Headed out to Upper P for a quick workout on the Raleigh.  I think if I get a slightly shorter stem, somewhere between 50 and 90 mm my cockpit would be perfect on the XL frame.  Still the Raleigh is freaking heavy and I might be destined to conversion land, 1x9, and invariably sold on Craigslist, assuming I can still get a hanger for it.  The other thing I noticed at the get go was my right pedal was loose so I found a nice sunny spot to see what was up with my cleat.  Tried tightening it but that didn't work so I figured it won't come off because it was still on pretty tight and that I will be fine for the ride and fix it when I get home.   

There were no pickups on Sanford Road and only one car in the lot at Echo Valley meaning the this side of the forest should be free and clear of hunters.  Only come to find out that the car belongs to this old Hungarian couple from Fairfield that hunt here regularly.  The wife appears to tag along to be with the husband, now that is love!  While she looks pretty tame I bet she is the skinner of the duo and can gut the kill  like a surgeon.  We chatted about dear and the Gussy Trail.  They know it and said they go up on it but never see dear the higher they climb.  Now that I think about it, I haven't seen dear up there as well.  All the dear that I have seen have been in the other direction, close either to the water or Sanford Road.

The Gussy Trail was really nice today with only one minor issue, the ramp at the new up and over needed some fixing.  A friend of mine and I are going to meet Sunday morning and we are going to cut the trees that are blocking the main trail where I have already rerouted around the blowdowns.  

The plan is to cut the trees on the ground, making a low-bridge situation that you should still be able to ride underneath.  Cutting the high tree just seems too sketchy.  I hope to get some new new skinnies out this, too.   Once this is re-opened there be more choices to vary the ride both up and down the trail.  Third time down Sandy's Re-Route and it's definitely fun to ride, and it serves as an alternative for the equestriennes, too.  Of course, I probably need to clear a bit higher up in some places for them (on Sunday).  Also there are a few sections that need some more benching and I think I might try a berm on the big curve on the lower section.


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