Sunday, November 04, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy TM on the Gussy

Day 6 of no power, well, I do have a generator that I like to call Genny.  Between coping with no power, generating our own, and trying to work among all the stress this latest storm has created I haven't had any time for much else, less riding.  Granted, both Upper Paugussett and Waldo were hit hard.  Paula spent the last two days at Waldo and was supposed to help me on the Gussy Saturday afternoon but she was wiped out - I can understand that, so I headed into the woods with a long handled and my Friskas hand axes, bow saw, and clippers.

This clump of three trees needs a chainsaw.


I was able to do this one with my clippers.

I cleared around this Widow Maker and foot raked a go around. 

The long handled axe came in handy here.  I was able to chop halfway through the tree and let gravity do the rest. 

Then I did a little ramping to with the go with the flow

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