Sunday, November 18, 2012

Benching Trail at Rockland Preserve

I took charge of the benching effort on a section of trail that really need this to be done.  The soil was really easy to work with and my new Hoe cut bench so easily!  In our group we had John Biehn, his girlfriend Katie, and a couple of freshmen from Madison High School.  We were working on a 150 section of the trail.


Some mountain bikers stopped to thank us for all the hard work that was being put into the trails.

We uncovered a rock in the middle of trail that was too big to move and an odd shape, like a corner of a rectangle pointing straight up.  John put soil on the top side that made it into a nice little huck and we ramped the other side for those riding on the way up.

Amazing what 5 people can do in 2 hours with Rogue Hoes!

Another view of the ramp (below).


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