Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another roll in the Dark

Again, it started out light but that was quickly waning and the sun was setting by the time I hit the southern trail head of the Gussy.  I had light for the ride up the Gussy but ended up turning it on during my ride back down.  Tried something new this time around, at the top of the Gussy I took a left onto the yellow trail and took that down and out to the Poly Brody and then back up to the Gussy for the ride back down.  Thinking about it now, what I should have done is cut over to the Mulikin and then loop back to the Gussy!  Next time.

The temperature was funny when I headed out.  The gauge at home was saying 50 but felt warmer than that in a few places.  Of course riding up the trail I never got cold but coming back down I was glad for having a t-shirt on because I could tell that it was getting colder.  I threw in a loop on the Poly Brody down to the boat ramp and that's when I realized that it was really starting to get cold out.  By the time I got home, my toes were numb.


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