Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raleigh XXIX: Fixed gear mountain bike!

Here is my next toy, a fixed gear mountain bike.  I bought the frameset for $50 and although it's an XL, riding it around in the driveway this evening felt pretty good.  For one thing, I don't have to jack the seat up as high as my other bikes and I am using my FUBars that sweep back making the cockpit similar to my other bikes, in act I can't event tell the difference!  I am going to ride with FUBars for awhile and then I am going to try the FMe bars.

The frame color, a light baby blue with a hint of grey goes nicely with the orange accents with include chain, headcap, grip lockons, and bottle cage.  This will actually be my third fixed gear mountain bike having tried the Fetish Fixation and Qball already fixed using the Tomi Cog but I am going to definitely ride it a lot more.

I am going to start off riding the bike on some of the local rail trails, where I can ride slowly and not worry about having to stop too quickly.  I might even try some dual and single track this weekend at Collis P Huntington SP.  Riding the Big Burn will be a blast.   Eventually, I am going to put brakes on the bike but it's so clean right now I just want to enjoy it this way for awhile.  I will probably start out by putting a front brake on it while it's fixed and eventually go to front and back and just run it as a singlespeed, rigid mountain bike.

Build List:
XL Raleigh XX1X frame
Carver Carbon Fiber Fork
Easton Stem
Misfit Psycles FUBar
Clarke Lockon Grips
Crank Brothers Candy Pedals
Shimano LX crankset
Custom 32t chainring
Tomi Cog (fixed) 20t
WTB Saddle
No name seatpost
Velocity Dyad Wheelset
2.10 Serfas Krest 9r rear tire
2.35 Panaracer Rampage front tire


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