Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hedging my Bets

Chickenshit factor was in full swing this morning and thus I bagged riding to work.  Looking at the weather with the possibility of afternoon thundershowers I didn't want to risk riding home in the rain with my laptop.  So, while driving home, I did get dumped on so I went for a mountain bike ride instead.  Turned out to be a good hedge!

Did a little blocking of a trail someone started from an old dear trail.  It could have been decent if it didn't connect to a fall line trail that was only going to erode out.

The Kona was riding nice but I think it's time to change the gears and go 32:19!

Met these two guys on the ROW riding back up the Gussy.  Tom and Jeff really like the trail and were riding from the boat ramp that included coming down the Mulikin.  I suggested that they ride up it as well.

Nothing better than riding home dirty!

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