Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mountain Biker Beware: The Wierdo of Waldo

If you have encountered him at Waldo, you know the deal.  Some old guy complaining about mountain bikers on the access road down to the water.  If not, he's tall and gaunt, and has two dogs:  blood hound mix and a little yippy dog.  

First of all, very few mountain bikers actually ride the access road because the singletrack is so sweet, either up or down.  The only reason you might find yourself on the access road in the first place is if you had a mechanical or you were running late to get home for chow.  

Apparently, he tends to leave mountain bikers harassing notes on their cars in the parking lot.  Funny, but neither Paula nor I got a note on Wednesday when we encountered him on the access road.  Then again, we weren't riding, rather discovering some new areas in Waldo that you are eventually going to find interesting!

Also, one thing to note, see how he is parked?  That is how you should park when you are visting Waldo.  Perpendicular to the entrance.  That accommodates many more cars than pulling straight in.  That might even be the reason why the Weirdo didn't expand any of his ire on our cars by the way we were parked.  Also could be by the fact that he got a parking spot, too.  Hey, it's first come first serve! 

Please remember to park perpendicular to the entrance!

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