Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 KIC IT Triathlon: Not your typical triathlete cyclist

I was surprised I didn't see more of these, in fact I only saw two!
This Marin looked awfully like my old Stinson.

And I only saw two mountain bikes, too!

I was, however, the only one with a helmet cam.

Photo credit:  Stamford Advocate
Someone I work with and a CAT1 Masters Cyclist, Stephen Badger, seen above, is Salmoning through traffic, only this traffic isn't cars and he's not riding a fixie.  Still, what's funny about this is that it looks like Bronx River Parkway on a Sunday morning and here comes Stephen barreling through saying "on your left, on your right" probably wishing he could just say "get out of my way because I am coming through!" And of course they would get out of his way.

Photo credit:  Stamford Advocate
I didn't get this guy's name but I believe he was on a corporate relay team for my company, too.

Photo credit:  Stamford Advocate
This is Jamal.  If you have seen my videos we stayed together through most of the ride.  He's a strong rider and caught up to me after a mechanical with his saddle and then blew me away towards the end!
Photo credit:  Stamford Advocate
This is me on a one of a kind bike, my Gravel Grinder.  It's a mountain bike; it looks like a cross bike; it has disc brakes; skinny tires - sort of, 38c; drop bars; and really different geometry.  A mountain bike with dirt drop bars is also called a Monster Cross.  However, it was fun to ride on a race like this and unless I find something to replace it for this type of riding, probably going to keep riding.  Of course, it's the perfect Gravel Grinder and now I have to start getting ready for the Tour de Roxbury!

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