Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Last week, while perusing Craigslist I came across a post offering a ton of old parts for $20 and I found out someone just snagged them.  Then last Saturday when I came across an add for 1980's steel lugged road bike that was selling for a nice price but needed a front tire.  I figured this would be the perfect bike to use on the trainer that I will be riding after my upcoming knee arthoscopy.  Trading emails back and forth trying to find out the bike's pedigree I discovered that the deal included Titanium handlebars.  The seller wouldn't sell me the bars individually so I had to take the whole lot.

me:  Shoot me some high res pix?  Like to see the cranks, rear derailleur, brakes and forks.

seller:  those are the only two i have currently on my comp

me:  Do you happen to recall what the name of the bike is and what are the additional parts?

seller:  idk know the model name but it was a mid entry level and i also have the owners manual
but it's not specific about the model is talks about just regular 12 spd road bikes in general.
the extras include titanium flat bars, toe clips, and some other small things

me (to myself):  CHA-CHING!  Titanium!

me:  I am not really in the market for another bike but it has definitely peaked my curiosity because it looks like a nice frame.  

(I hope I am not sending the message that all I am interested in is the Titanium Bars)

What can you tell me about the titanium bars?  How wide are they, do you have the stem shim for it, any idea on the weight?

seller:  they have a plastic shim. they are titec 3/2.5 titanium  hellion. like 1/2 inch risers
really nice. they'd go well with the bike. idk the weight but the width is 26''

Titech Titanium Hell Raiser Bar
me:  Any scratches on the bars?  How much for just the bars?  

(Guess the cat's out of the bag now)

Although, I am thinking I might just take the whole package.  Can you meet this week? 

seller:  im available at certain times. my work schedule is all over. i live by (location) in (location) and am selling everything together. the bars are in great condition and have no scratches. the bike' is really nice especially for the price. let me know what days/time you are available and we can meet

Not a bad a deal, the bike is in really good condition and it will make a perfect trainer.  And now I have Titanium bars for my Spot Longboard build, just need to figure out the gearing:  1x10 or 1x9.  And I have to get some brakes 

Steel lugged frame with a hue of blue similar to that of my Park Tools bike stand.  Rigged as a 6 speed with a BMX 175mm crankset, Origin 8 chain ring, missing a front tire, bare bars, Tektro levers that are compatible with disc brakes!  What a haul!

So the plan is to build this up into a 1x6, maybe go to 2x6 and start doing more road riding.  The Dave Scott Ironman Expert project will take a back burner for now, still dawdling on the repaint job. 

Might go with a bigger front ring like a 52t but going to run the 44 for now with the trainer.

I am on the fence as to whether I keep the Fred Spoke Protector or not.  I think the retro look is cool.  Any guesses on what I have (if we are friends on facebook you response will be automatically disqualified).


MMcG said...

Nice bars - although somewhat narrow compared to today's risers.

I bet if you don't like em you could easily flip em via

Mark said...

That's true, but you know me, I like to hold on to stuff still I have an suitable application for it.

Speaking of which, you said you have some Gary II bars? How much?

CB2 said...

Yeah those bars are too narrow for you perfect for me though!

I 1x6 with a 44 up front would make a perfect outdoor Winter training bike. Enough gears to keep you in Z2 for some LSD, yet give you a little more range than a single / fixed.