Sunday, December 04, 2011

Riding with Rick

Rick met me at the Echo Valley, and like me, he rode from home. He's about 3 miles away and this morning was a little frosty.  We did the usual, start at Echo Valley, head up the Brody, and down the Gussy.  He hasn't been on the Gussy since before the October Snow Storm so all the changes to the trail were knew to him.  The new curve/rerouted section is really sweet, a little mushy on the hump though but that will settle in over time.  We took out the two logs in the cleavage reroute to give that section more flow.

I took Rick on the Loop Around.  He looked a little skeptical, especially as I was knocking down low hanging dead branches where the trail goes.  Rick left on the Jeep trail and I rode back up the Gussy, then down the horse trail and out to the Brody and down to Pond Brook.  The State cut the brush on this side of the forest but left a lot of the cuttings in the middle of the forest road.


Rick said...

LOL. I was skeptical. You looked like a madman swiping at those limbs above.

Mark said...

I didn't want you to hurt yourself being the first time down this section since it's only a quasi trail