Friday, December 09, 2011

Pedaling to Nowhere

What luck, first the new bike and now the trainer.  After learning the good news from the Orthopedist in that I should be able to start pedaling two days after the surgery (yet to come) I bought my first trainer.  I only spent around $100 and to quote popular cliche, "you get what you pay for."  Damn, it is loud!  I think I might have to try headphones next or ever pedal with the iPod but the beauty of pedaling in the mancave/garage is that I have satellite radio and can listen to Howard Stern, Liquid Metal, a football game, or a bevvy of other channels. 

DIY Bike Thong
The unit I got is from Gavin.  Never heard of them before but apparently they make bike parts, too.  I liked this one because it was a package deal and came with a wheel holder and a tensioner.  There was a spare skewer but I used one of me.  It took just a few minutes to set up and off I was pedaling like a gerbil in the Habitrail exercise wheel.

A little encouragement - the light at the end of the tunnel
There are 4 hand positions on the Mustache bars.  They are really comfortable and I plan on getting more for the next build, which will probably be a make over on the Ross once I get a stem that fits.  I worked out today with the car out of the garage but I think I can do with it in.  Which will be good when it's really cold and snowy out this winter.

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29ner said...

You need to try rollers. They are lot more fun and mimic the road to some degree. I got mine used (CL) for $75.00.