Friday, December 02, 2011

2012 Race/Event Schedule

This schedule assumes that I will be racing next year and right now I am still planning on it, but there are some issues that I have to take care of, namely my right knee.  With arthroscopic knee surgery planned for later this month it's looking like no more riding for the rest of the year, which is only 2 weeks so in my spare time I will concentrate of more improvements to the Gussy Trail and perhaps start on my new trail at Huntington State Park.  This winter is predicted to be milder than last, at least that is what I am hearing but who knows, so I am hoping for better training conditions as opposed to last winter.

4/7 Hop Brook MTB Race - Middlebury, CT
4/22 Winding Trails MTB Race - Framington, CT
4/29 Single Speed Palooza MTB Race - Newburg, NY
5/?? Winsted Woods MTB Race - Winsted, CT
5/?? Norcross Scurry MTB Race - Ashford, CT
5/20 Bloomin Metric - Norwalk, CT (with Katie)
6/3 Domnarski Farm - Ware, MA
6/22 thru 6/24 NEMBA Fest - TBD
7/22 Wrath of Boneyard MTB Race - Meriden, CT
9/30 or 10/7 Fall Fiesta - TBD

The first thing you might notice is that there are a lot of MTB races in CT this year so I won't have to travel out of the state to get my race fix in.  I really want to try the Ashford Race because I hear it's a good Singlespeed course and of course the Wrath of the Boneyard sounds fun, too.  For some reason I really like the Domnarski Farm course because it's one lap of 10 miles, the climbs are really challenging and there is some great terrain changes that make this course one of my favorites, overall.  I have to do Single Speed Palooza and it fits nicely between the Root 66 races, but is the same weekend as Massasoit.  That's a no brainer, 3 hour drive to Taunton, MA or <1 hour drive to Newburg, NY.

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