Thursday, December 08, 2011

1980s Edoardo Bianchi Piaggio

I am still kicking myself for letting that mint 1981 Dawes Galaxy slip through my fingers. My original intention was to put these mustache bars on it, the barcons and red bar tape making an outstanding touring bike.  Instead, I sold it to some guy upstate that probably sold it to some college student.  So, I am making up for that blunder with this 1980 Bianchi Piaggio.

At least that is what I think it is after researching it on the web,  early 80s because model year 84 of this bike is red and all the examples I have seen with chain stays and the fork ends in chrome point to 1980.  Rather that convert it to a fixie, which what I usually would do, I decided to keep this geared so that I can use it on the trainer plus it will be fun to ride on the rail trails and with my boys.

The build was with just about everything on hand, except for the bar tape.  Levers are Cane Creek, not sure where I got them but they work nicely, in fact it's the one nice thing where the cables come out of the top to use with mustache bars.

At some point, I may get some more yellow cable housing for the front brake but for the time being it will stay orange because I ran out of yellow.  Just need to figure out what do about the pedals and get some dry weather to take it out for a spin.

Nothing beats a Brooks Saddle on a classic bike.  Below is what it looked like when I brought it home on Tuesday.  I knew this was a diamond in the rough.

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MMcG said...

A British Saddle on an Italian bike - that needs something Italian for your butt to sit on.