Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Monday Monster Cross

Went to a 2:1 gear ratio, 44:22t, on the Qball and decided to try it out Monday after work.  It's a lot nicer gearing than what I was pushing, 44:18t, especially in the hills.  I didn't need to climb out of the saddle on most stuff.  I was going to take a run down the Poly Brody but when I dropped my chain at the intersection of Sanford Rd and Echo Valley, I thought better of it.  The 22t I have is an aluminum cog and is pretty worn down  but wanting to try the ratio to see what's like was the real point.  Since I like 2:1 now, I am thinking of trying 32:16t and throwing the bashguard back on.  That way, I could easily go to an 18, 19, or 20t and do some drop bar mountain biking.  Monday's route wasn't very dirty, may 25% was truly non pave.

One woman mentioned to me as she was getting her mail was there was no question of seeing me.  I had front and rear flashing lights and my headlamp on.  It did, however, create some confusion because as I was riding in traffic at the Route 302 intersection with Route 25 I was slowly pedaling behind a car that was turning right onto Route 25.  The driver must have thought I was going to pass on the right so he/she stopped short nearly causing an accident with the van that was behind me.  Later, on The Boulevard some kids yelled at me.  Increadible, two douches for the price of one!

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