Saturday, September 05, 2009

Teaching my son to ride without training wheels

Today was the day to start teaching Elliot to ride without training wheels. He couldn't wait to try it but we both had two different ways of thinking of how this would work. In his mind, he thought I was going to run around holding him the whole time but what he didn't realize is that the name of the game is to eventually let go so that he can ride by himself.

We did the role down the hill technique and it worked somewhat but what I didn't count on would be his overwhelming fear of letting go. With my daughter, it took 5 tries of rolling down the hill and she was off. Elliot on the otherhand, just doesn't want me to let go. Not to mention his overwhelming fear of falling.

I was able to let go a few time but a soon as he figured I wasn't holding on he would stop pedaling and claim he was scarred. I think he wants to learn how to do it because that is all he talked about all morning while I was cleaning the garage. He couldn't wait but then when it came time to perform the fear that he was going to be on his own overwhelmed him.

So we'll try again on Sunday, and the following weekend as well until he over comes his fear and can move on to the next bike in the stable. His brother has found that he can ride this bike and is riding it now. I hope I don't have to buy another bike.

The picture below is not the aftermath of him falling, rather the kickstand is too short for the bike. My son took the picture below and the composition of the picture is really cool.

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