Tuesday, September 22, 2009

29er Fest at CT NEMBA's Fall Fiesta

You would have been surprised at the number of 29ers that showed up at CT NEMBA's Fall Fiesta last weekend. I counted 11 29ers! There was a Green Voodoo Canzo, a Niner, 3 Monocogs, 1 Monocog Superflight, 4 Gary Fishers, and 1 Ventanna! Three years ago, at this same place, there was one 29er, mine, and now look at how many there are!

Tom Lamourine's Voodoo Canzo

Steve Morey's Monocog

a Gary Fisher hardtail

Glen and Steve's Monocogs

Another Gary Fisher

Ventenna, on the left, geared and rigid. Steve on right with his Monocog

Another shot of the Fisher full suspension

Up close shot of the Ventanna

Glenn on his Monocog, riding sweep for the Epic Ride

Joan from Milford riding her personally autographed Gary Fisher full suspension

And then think about all the other people there who also own 29ers, including myself there were at least 5 others, which says to me that 29ers, contrary to LBS belief, is no longer a niche player!


Unknown said...

What an incredible day! It was my first NEMBA event and a total success. I got to meet some key figures in the CT (you) scene and have a killer ride. It got me very excited to do more of these. Too bad we didn't ride together. I am also pumped to learn trail maintain! From what I can see, you and some others are doing a great job. Thanks.

Mark said...

Thanks Steve! When I get my next 29er built we'll have to hit some trails together.