Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09/09/09 Miller High Life

Did you know that at Millers Pond State Park they have these really cool Port-a-jons not only fit you but your bike, too? It was amazing. I could sit and enjoy my pre-ride constitutional while my trusted steed was parked right next to me.

Most of the CT NEMBA board met today, after work, for a ride at Millers Pond State Park in Durham, CT. We first did a warm up loop east of the pond and half way through, Paula broke a chain. I whipped out my Trail Ambassador tools and repaired her chain with a quick link. Back at the lot, we picked up Eric who was running late and headed off on the red trail!

What a trail! I think the red trail is also called the Cross Country trail but what it really should be called is the Cross Stuntry trail. Awesome singletrack! Lots of rollers, rock climbs, quick ups, up-and-overs, and skinnies galore! I got to meet another CT Mountain Biking legend, Salem Malawzi (pictured below, at least the back of him). This guy was riding an old style mountain bike, a Schwin in fact, rigid and single speed!

We rode out on the red trail and the only person smart enough to bring a light was Eric. I was thinking about bringing a light but figured that we would have enough time before it got dark. However, once you figure in mechanicals and rest breaks, a light would have been great. Still, we were able to see fine and finished the ride.


29ner said...

Funny,I was thinking the Iron Horse had to drop a few road apples and wanted a little privacy.

Mark said...

LOL! That's good!

adam roth said...

I met Salem once on a road ride in Glastonbury back in the spring. He showed up on some old beater with downtube shifters. Nobody knew who he was, but then he proceeded to hold on to the front with me for the first 15 miles and eventually pulled away. I learned a few days later that he used to be a local MTB pro.

Anonymous said...

He's a tool.