Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rail Trails and Training Wheels

Took the boys riding on the Monroe Rail Trail. Brodie no longer wants to sit in the Burley and loves the Trail-a-bike now, so Elliot rode his bike with training wheels on it. I figured the section of the trail between Purdy Hill and Wolfe Park would be the best for Elliot to ride on with training wheels because this section of the Greenway has the most users and therefore is the most compact road bed.

It was perfect for Elliot and I think it was good for him in seeing other kids his age riding without training wheels because he asked me when was the next time we were going to practise.

On the way back from the park, we stopped every couple of minutes for water. I think Elliot was getting tired. Of course, if Elliot needed a drink, then so did Brodie.

And then so did Elliot.

And then Brodie.

This went on three or four times until I finally had the boys switch places. Elliot was more than happy to get back on the Trail-a-bike.

At first Brodie was a little unsure of himself but it was funny because after I passed him and then he just took off. I think he saw this as Elliot was now in front of him and he wasn't going to let him win. There is a lot of rivalry between those two.

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Trail Worm said...

When are you going to take the training wheels off that 29 junker you ride around? Speaking of which.. where is that new lime green tin can? Please post a picture so I can snicker from behind my computer screen.