Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monster Cross

It's done! My Qball is now a Monster Crosser. I have it rigged single speed at the moment in order to put it through it's paces but I will be going geary on it shortly in preparation for the Tour de Roxbury. A by invitation only, gravel grinder race in Roxbury, CT, that offers 50 miles and 7700 feet of climbing. Great, VT 50 training and what I want to start riding to get into shape next year.

The build consists of Gary Bars from Origin 8, Aero Levers, an unknown brand shock post (not necessary but got one the other day from a friend and thought I would try it out). I kept my FSA Mega Exo SSer Cranks but I might go to Sugino 175s road cranks. Staying with FSA cranks I can still ride this off road so I am little on the fence about changing those out.

The fork is my original Q-Stick fork that I got with the Qball three years ago. Lastly, in order to push the bars up some, I went with a Profile Design, 135mm, 70 degree stem. To keep the black and white color motif I also added a pair of Crank Brother pedals that are an off white.

Coming up tomorrow: The Ride Report!


29ner said...

looks killer. enjoy

F.W. Adams said...

Love the unconventional "Frankencross" look--good luck at the races!

Steve Miller said...

jackelope?! looks bad ass, seriously.

Greg Heil said...

Ah Monster Cross. I see. Definitely could devour some gravel roads on that thing!