Friday, September 04, 2009

The Friday Fix: Where did Summer Go?

As I was riding to work this morning on the Marin, which I reconfigured last night back into a fixed gear commuter, I started thinking about all the commuting that I didn't do this summer. I know summer is not officially over but when the kids go back to school that is the signal to me that it's over. I have a host of excuses why I didn't ride more to work when I had the chance. For one, this summer was one of the wettest summers in history and if I am going to continue my fair weather commuter status I chickened out on enough days where the weather was questionable. While the weather took out a sizeable chunk of riding to work opportunities, work itself has been exceptionally busy and requiring a bit more travel to other places other than my normal office.
Then there was the two weeks where I had to shop for a new car. After a recent visit to the dealer for an oil change and to find out why the check engine light was on, I found that I had a part that needed to be replaced. Only Isuzu stopped making cars last year meaning that this part was unattainable. Fortunately for me, though, there was that Cash for Clunkers program going on, so I spent two weeks looking for a car. Last week, my daughter was in a camp that ended around 7 PM each night meaning I had to pick up my daughter every evening.
So, not that all that is over with, and the kids have gone back to school I suppose it's time to start riding to work again. Riding in this morning was nice I think because of the holiday weekend there weren't as many cars on the road. I also tried a new route this morning which is much more conducive for riding fixed gear because the climbing is more gradual. Mount Pleasant Road (Rte 6) has a steady climb to the Bethel town line as opposed to the short, steeper climbs on Old Hawleyville and Secor Roads. Once in Bethel, the road becomes Stony Hill Rd and it has a nice smooth shoulder and the descents are much more gradual. Distance is a little less because it's more direct, too.
What will be even more interesting is on the way home this afternoon I will pass by Old Heidelberg, a local German Beer Garden, and I think I will have to stop for a little Bierchen.

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