Friday, September 04, 2009

British Steel: Dawes Galaxy

I got this bike from a colleague at work who is moving and no longer had time for riding this Dawes Galaxy. English made Renyolds 531 steel tubing touring bike. Other than flat tires, a little mold on the saddle, brake hoods being a little cracked, and a stiff headset, this bike is mint! It's so nice it would be a shame to convert it so I won't be doing that to this bike. Instead I am going to try to find some metal fenders (they were taken off by the original owner), get some mustache bars, knobby cross tires, a brown Brooks Saddle, and barcons.

The rear rack is increadibly strong though really lightweight looking. The only draw back to it is the rased reflector. That might be problematic for my trunk bag and probably will not work with my garment bag panier.

Can't find much on the vintage of this bike. Knowing that the original owner purchased the bike in 1981 means that it's either that year or the year prior. The only other bike I have seen on the web came from about that time only it was blue. Since this bike is in such good shape, I think I might have to consider selling the Mongoose.


Nathan said...

Looks like a nice find!

Thom said...

wow mark.. that's sweet!!

Justin Groot said...

Hi there,

I think I have the same bike. This is the first time I've found someone else online who has this (I went as far as contacting Dawes with the serial # but apparently they no longer have any records concerning it). I've painted over the original coat (twice, had it for 5 years).

Do you know anything else about it? I don't even know what Dawes called this model. Additional details and photos would be great! Thanks,