Monday, September 21, 2009

Riding with the Roth Brothers

After all the activities at CT NEMBA's Fall Fiesta wore down I hooked up with Adam & Eric Roth and their posse of East of the River mountain bikers. We rode out on the red trail in the reverse direction of the circumference trail at Gay City. It's kind of ironic that in the three times I have been to Gay City, every time I have ridden this trail in a counter clockwise fashion and riding it clockwise is so much better!

First off, Cheryl flatted along the way and her knight in flat black came to her mechanical rescue.

The posse enjoyed the show, especially when Adam pumped up the tire. He looked like a height challenged Sasquatch humping a football.

After that it was a hammer fest back to the parking lot. Man, these guys can hammer, it was like a stampede and if it wasn't for their little stops I don't think I would have ever caught up to them.

Back at the parking area we all basked in the sun and had a few brews! Excellent way to end an excellent day.


adam roth said...

"He looked like a height challenged Sasquatch humping a football."

Most accurate description I've ever heard.

Thanks for riding with us and the BBC afterward. See you in October.

DeeMoney said...