Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fire Island - Adult Trikes

There were quite a few trikes on the Island but none as good looking at the one below. Obviously they are more suited for carrying than your common beach cruiser, in fact I saw one mounted with a trailer, and another that finally exceeded it's ability to function and was being used to hold flower pots.
Here is the state of the art Island Dweller cycling machine. This is a Miami-Sun Adult Trike with custom aero wheels and Kenda Flame 3 inch wide tires. The trike retails any where from the 3 to 5 hundy but these custom wheels must have pushed it to more six hundred bones!

That saddle is made for a W-I-D-E load and that is probably why it's called the Miami-Sun. I recall finding a post card of a very rubinesce woman lying on the beach suggesting that I come to Florida because the food was great. The makers of this bike definitely had her in mind.

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