Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riding Fixed with clipless pedals and Crocks

After working on the Gussy Trail all morning and getting in a 5 mile ride afterwards, I still had time to take my daughter for a ride on the Trumbull Rail Trail before we had to be at her Grandmother's for dinner. I grabbed the Stinson and Katie's used new bike, a Giant with antler like bar ends, and headed down to Trumbull. Parking at Whitney Ave, I realized that I forgot my riding shoes, so I had to ride with my Crocks on. The soft foam of the material actually was nice on the Crank Brother Candy and made it easy to pedal.

Got down to Tait's Mill in 15 minutes and stopped for a snack.

And some pictures

We took a few water breaks on the way back

And here is a little video of Katie in action:

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