Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1: Life without my Edge

In a sense I am still the same cyclist that I was prior to losing my Edge, only now I feel a critical component is missing from me. While I might not be able to dummy cord this device (if I ever get it back) I think small items such as this need to be tagged with a If found, please call ... sticker. This experience is interesting in the sense that as a good samaritan, were you to find something like this what would you do? Would you turn it into the local police department, would you check Craigslist to see if someone lost it, would you check online area message boards? Would you know which message boards to check?

I made a post in the Clist, Fairfield County Rants and Raves, as well as posts in the Redding, CT and Bethel, CT Topix forums.


29ner said...

you should post on CL LOST and FOUND sections in FFL county :

CB2 said...

That's a bummer Mark. I'm somewhat a slave to numbers. When my Garmin goes in for service I need to put a computer on my bike until it gets back so I at least have some rudimentary data. OTOH, I stopped recording HR data, because I wasn't really using it to it's full potential.