Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Fetish for 26er single speeds is at an end

Sold the Fixation last night to an affable young gentleman from the Boston area whose parents live in my town.

He got a great deal, too, not only did he get a great bike but one with a new set of tires, a spare set of tires (WTB Motoraptor 2.4s) and I gave him the Surly 1x1 fork because he is going to use the bike as an SS commuter, too. I am happy with the price, too. Now I can pay off my wheels for the 'Horse and get a fixed gear wheel for the Stinson.

Speaking of the Stinson, decided not to sell the B66 and put it on the bike to try it out after getting an offer for $75 for it. I am thinking of trying it on the Qball now and I might get another Brooks for this bike. Ah, the endless possibilities.

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