Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bennett's Pond RAW - Riding the Bush

Met up with my friend Nate, who is a new NEMBA member and Trail Ambassador, to ride one of my favorite places, Bennetts Pond.  In the map above, the tourquoise track is the latest ride and the dark blue track is the last time I was at Bennetts (last year).  Other tracks were subsequent rides but as I realize now, I think I visited Bennett's more than once last year.  To date, I have logged a total 60 miles at Bennetts.

Last night's ride started out on the Green Trail which is almost completely overgrown with pricker bushes and grass.  The treadway is really buff but it also has many roots which make it fun.  Part way down the trail and around a slight bend is a blowdown that Nate brought to the attention of Ridgefield Open Space Association (ROSA), the self appointed care taker for Bennett's, but either they don't have the manpower or they don't really care.  I would think it might be the latter as a way to control mountain biking.  

Unfortunately, in their short sightedness they are also excluding equestriennes who use this area quite a bit, evidenced by all the piles of road apples seen on the trails (nice examples just below the blowdown in the above picture).  I am thinking that a TM session in the future might be necessary.  A couple of bow saws and do some clipping along this trail would open things up nicely.  

This picture of Nate on the green trail gives you a pretty good idea of the Bush on the trail.  The trail itself is nice, just the edges need to be cut back.

Nate Close up

Another Blow down (white Trail).  Again, Nate conveyed this to ROSA over a month ago and nothing has happened yet.  Might make a good up and over if you cut the top log.

Looking back up the trail
This Mud wallow on the white trail, at this point, probably isn't worth armoring because of the trail braid that already exists.

Just need a little rock work on the braid and it will be zooming.

Stream Armoring for the Pond Trail.  This is a nice armoring job that's fun to ride.

Stream Armoring for the Pond Trail (from the other side)
First time on the Pond Trail and it's a really technical and challenging trail to ride.  Some sections like this one pictured above is quite close to the water.

Nate riding the Pond Trail

Swans and their cygnets


CB2 said...

Nice looking trail

Mark said...

I love that place. Definitely need to go back and ride that pond trail again.

Kawanbike said...

Like the trail...especially the Swans. :)