Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Bike Maintenance

With the lovely Seattle like weather we are having here on the eastcoast I have been jonesin' to ride but I can't. Instead, I did some bike maintenance. Goodie Shop in Bethel hooked me up with this flange looking thing from an old hub for the Bridgestone. I think centrifical force will keep in it place.

Garage pix don't do it justice in the photo department but I changed the bars and stem on Bridgestone. I want to use the Nashbar stem for another project. So I went with a 130mm Kalloy with a 10 degree rise. Went with some flatter bars and a new Avid lever that I got from the Goodie shop.  It's the cutest little lever I have seen.  Might be made for a BMX bike but works perfectly for an emergency brake.

Not pictured is the Fetish Fixation, I put the new tires I got from Craigslist on Friday. The bike is looking Hawt!  Special-Ed's Fast Tracks, 26x2.2s.

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