Saturday, November 12, 2022

Wheeling Wheelmen Show and Go

Found a Meetup ride for Saturday and it was going to be a good test for the booties that I bought at REI earlier in the week. The Wheeling Wheelman have a ride that starts from Willow Stream Park in Buffalo Grove. I decided to drive to the meetup point only to find no one there. Then this couple, Dave and Eva show up and I ride with them at leisurely pace for 3 miles until Paul catches up to us and I get on his wheel for a more demanding pace.

It's 31 degrees and my feet are freezing - note to self, 35 degrees and below, break out the heated socks. After a bit of main road we headed into housing development after development and I had no clue where we were but all the while we had a head wind that was coming out of the north. Then we came upon a parking area for the Lake County Millenium Trail in Wauconda.

A good spot for a bathroom break and snack before continuing our ride. After the break we continued north till we went under an overpass and then climbed up to that road, North Gilmer Road, only we were now heading south with the wind at our backs and 15 miles to go. When we got to Prairie View Paul headed into some housing developments where we rode all the way back to my car.

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