Thursday, November 24, 2022


I have been here nearly three weeks and I have yet to see Lake Michigan during the day so I rode south from Northbrook to the Baha'i Temple.

It was supposed to be a sunny day but this is what I got and of course there was brisk wind coming from the south.

I rode through some neighborhoods and they were quite empty. I passed a few groups playing flag football in some parks, a Thanksgiving tradition that I used to practise growing up in Connecticut in the 1970s and 1980s.

Riding on the north side of the Skokie River through Wilmette I was tempted to ride down to my Grandmother's old house.

The temple is alway worth a visit

and the neighboring harbor was empty

and Lake Michigan had a turquoise hue today.

I couldn't avoid all the brick roads as I rode from Gilson Park to Sheridan Road

I stopped off at Centennial Park for another look at the Lake before continuing my ride north.

With the clouds rolling in and the cold winds the temperature dropped and I decided to pass on visiting Mom's Joke of the Day in Lake Bluff and heading back to my Aunt's house.

I had leftover pizza and my last can of Heileman's Special X

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