Monday, November 07, 2022

Mom's Joke of the Day

Meetups are a wonderful thing. I found the Bicycling Collective of Lake County who puts on a night ride in Lake Bluff every Monday night. They meet at the Heinen's Grocery Store lot at the corner of Waukegan and Rockland. They have an A/B ride that goes out for around 18 miles and a C/D ride that does around 12 miles.

After signing in we headed down the the North Shore Bike Path towards Lake Michigan and rode through the neighborhoods until we came to house where a woman who lives on Ravine Avenue has been putting out a daily joke board since the Pandemic started.

From there we headed over to Ft Sheridan where we rode this loop that used to be like a big quad when this place was an active Army Post.  The ride around the loop was like a race and stayed on the wheel of the leader because I wasn't quite sure of my surroundings and he was hammering.

After the loop we all met up back on the bike path that parallels Sheridan Road and rode back to the cars. Afterwards we went to this sports bar called Pucks for beers and Cheese Curds.


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