Sunday, November 27, 2022

Run to the Hills, again


Back in Connecticut and riding to OOF again with the Lunartics!

Of course, we had to go see the cows on Spruce Brook. By the end of this ride, I will have ridden 40 miles and climbed over 3000 feet, which equates to the climbing of my last 5 rides in Chicago totalling 184 miles.

Another huge difference between here (CT) and there (IL) is the courtesy of the Illinois drivers afford to cyclists. In the three weeks I was riding in Chicago this trip not once was I ever buzzed; a car passing inside of three feet from the cyclist. This morning, I wasn't but a mile from house and I got buzzed. In fact on this ride I got buzzed two more times.

 And now time for some gratuitous cow porn

Leaving later for OOF means the selection of baked goods is meager and I had to settle for a Ham and Cheese Croissant. Nothing wrong with it but it's not my first choice. The coffee was excellent, though.

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