Monday, June 22, 2020

Morning JoeSS

The intention of this morning's ride was to take the flattest route to Bethel and stop at Molten Java for a cup of coffee and then ride back. Unless you are riding with 3 miles of the coast there is really no flat riding around here.

I met Scott, a fellow Newtown Lunartics rider at the Pleasance, which is next to the police station, and we rode to Bethel on Rt 302. When we arrived at Molten Java, we found it closed. So then we headed to Reading Roasters and it too was closed. 

We ended up going to O'Neill's Sandwich and Coffee Bar. It has a trendy sounding name but it's just a greasy spoon.

The bike is riding nicely but I really need a longer stem in order to get the leverage that I need for climbing.

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