Saturday, June 27, 2020

MINI Bicycle Holder

I have never been happy with my rack mounted bicycle trays for the MINI Cooper. The road bike rack just never seemed to hold the bike tight enough and I could hear it rocking. Don't get me wrong, they worked fine, none of my bikes ever came off but the rocking noise is what bothers me the most.

The mountain bike holder is rock solid with the 3 to 5" tire adapters.

This year I was planning on sucking it up and buying the hitch mount that attaches to the bumper reinforcement bar on the back of the car. 

They are freaking expensive and I was looking around trying to find a used one but in addition to that expense, I also have to buy hitch rack.  That is until I found someone selling the MINI Bicycle Holder rack. From what I can gleen off the interwebs this rack was originally designed by BMW for their smaller SUVs but also for the MINI Cooper Countryman.  The older version, pictured below, retails for around $500 and the newer ones, are even a lot more.  However, I was looking for bike parts on some Facebook bike classified pages and came across a thread where a guy was offering this up for $125!!!!

The only thing was the location, the rack was located in New Hampshire, so that meant - ROAD TRIP! Actually I had a three day weekend planned but no plans so that means I am headed to NH to buy the rack and do some riding.  The guy selling the rack said it would be cool if I parked at his place and did some riding, too.

Despite the issues I have was having with the Sex Machine I brought it anyway because it has fenders and Monday's forecast called for rain.  After buying the rack on Sunday I panned 60+ mile gravel grinder from Epsom, NH to Lake Winnespaukee and back.  Spend the night in a hotel in Concord and then Monday ride the Northern Rail Trail from Bescowan, NH to Lebanon, NH and back.  Then, on my way home stop in Nashua to pick up another Cannondale handlebar bag that I found on Craigslist.

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