Friday, June 05, 2020

Morgan Pond Trails after work

On Friday, I rode Wednesday's route in reverse and came in on those trails off of Maltbie Road.

There are two trails off of Maltbie Rd that are kind of sketchy descents but come together at a feeder trail. It's a wide trail that most go back to Maltbie Road, only higher up. Not sure I would want to  short cut Maltbie because it's a great road to ride.

The tow feeder trails hit a nice wide trail that parallels Maltbie for a bit before turning west. Eventually it climbs subtly and then you have a decision to make. Descend to the muddy stream trail, keep descending towards the pond, or head back on yet another trail that might end up in someone's backyard. There is a horse farm on Aunt Park which leads me to think there is a trail from that back of that property that leads here.

If you want to get to Aunt Park, there is no getting around the stream and hike-a-bike, which is unfortunate because this could be a really great way to ride.

Bug bitten, scratched from pricker bushes and completely drenched in sweat I made my way over to Ox Hill and and then Beaver Dam, two great dirt roads in Newtown.

Heading to the Bentagrass cut through I stopped at Brad's house. He and Dave were trying to fix his lawn tractor, or I should say Dave was taking it apart and Brad was watching while drinking beer. Brad offered me a glass of a strong IPA that I knew would make riding home interesting, as well as a new tire to try on the CAADx. 

It's a gravel sized Nanoraptor. I used to race these on my mountain bike and now I am going to ride one on the CAADx. Granted, I ride the CAADx like a mountain bike since my real mountain bike is still in the shop waiting for a new back wheel.

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