Tuesday, June 16, 2020

First Ride on #JustGoodBeer

I picked the flattest route I could find from my house for the inaugural ride of #JustGoodBeer. 

The only thing that I noticed is that the chain line appears to be off somewhat because it sounds like the front ring is hitting the chain on one side. I might try a smaller chain but for now I just going to make sure the rear wheel is aligned properly.

Two other things that I don't like is the stem and the bars.  The angle, 17 degrees is right, but length is not so I will have to get a longer stem. Theses came with the Voodoo and short of going to Carbon are a weight weenie's wet dream.  They are, however, too narrow and that's why I replaced them on the Voodoo and that's why I am going to replace them on this bike, too. 

Other than that, it rides really nice and smooth. That's what you get with the steel. Climbing is tough with city gearing 42:16 but it just means I need to get stronger. This was a great test but what I am really looking forward to riding is a Metric and America century on this bike.

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