Sunday, July 15, 2018

Upper Mulikin Trail Building (continued)

I had originally planned to go out and do some work early this morning but it was raining.  Went back to bed, woke up later, and thought I would let things dry out a bit.  Ended up heading out about noon and it was steamy to say the least, but I got a lot of work done, but there is much more to do.

First I armored this intermittent stream crossing. Also took out a small tree and clipped some overhanging branches that were ruining the sight lines.

Then I started benching the lead in to the reroute. A mountain biker, coming down the trail, followed by a hiker stopped to chat a bit. Then the neighbor boys came through, one of which I have ridden with before. He was showing his brother and their friend the trails.

Spent roughly two hours and got two things done.  Now I have to bench further up the trail. I using the soil I digging up from the benching to smooth out the climb after the rock wall.  I think I going to build a berm into the at inner turn, too.

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Andy Engel said...

Nice work, Mark.