Sunday, July 01, 2018

First Phase of the Upper Mulikin Reroute is open for business!

On Saturday, June 30th, 4 Housatonic Valley Chapter NEMBA members and myself met at Pond Brook at 7 AM to work on the Upper Mulikin Reroute. I have been working on this reroute for almost a year but have had some set backs that include 2 broken ankles in the span of 6 months and a wind storm (aka Macro Burst) that knocked over trees on a few sections of the route that required rerouting the reroute.

Jeff (r) and myself (l)
photo credit: Paula Burton

We started working on the hardest section of the reroute first. Jeff, Paula and myself concentrated on the upper part of the trail with rock removal, armoring the holes, and then some benching.

Andy (l) and Nick (r)
photo credit: Paula Burton
While Andy and Nick worked on up and overs on the rock walls.  They had to do two of them on this one section and when I rode them later in the day they were like butter!

Then we all worked together to remove rocks and bench the sweeping climb/descent section.  This was really tough work and a lot of rocks were removed.  Paula, Andy and Nick took off around 10 AM but Jeff and I stayed to connect the top part of the reroute to the existing Mulikin and then do the first section, which enabled us to close off a really bad section of the existing trail.

When Jeff and I were done, we were completed drenched in sweat and dirty from head to toe!

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