Friday, July 06, 2018

Thursday morning Ride to OOF

Friday's forecast called for rain so I checked the Lunartics group chat to see if anyone wanted to ride to Ovens of France, Thursday morning.  I got one taker.

I met Paul at Cover 2 in Sandy Hook. I discovered I grabbed the wrong strap for my bike light and I forgot my heart strap. I was able to use the hook and loop strap for the light but I had to keep adjusting it through out the ride. Paul insisted on a cow picture but they were all in a paddock, far, far away.

It was very humid and foggy in places. The air seemed so thick you could cut it with a knife.  With the bridge work on Spruce Brook Road we now have to take Yankee Drive which cuts through the Southbury Training School.  The nice thing about the route change is that it adds a little more distance to the ride rounding it out to 25 miles.  However, descending this road is scary due to the fact that there are three hairpin turns.

I am still in awe from the Macroburst/Tornado storm damage that has ravaged our area. The purge destructiveness of those winds that tore thru the area leaving some places untouched and others snapping the trees like twigs truly amazing.

At the Ovens, it had been a while since I had the Ham and Cheese Croissant so I went with that. I was tempted to try the sausage and cheese on baguette. 

These rides are the best!

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