Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Got Fog?

I met Gavin at Cover 2 this morning in Sandy Hook at 5:45 and we headed out to OOF, our favorite French Bakery located in Woodbury, CT (aka Ovens of France).  The morning temperature was a cool 56 degrees but it was so humid and foggy it didn't feel that cold but it made for great cycling weather.

I wasn't feeling particularly climby this morning so we opted for the flatter route to OOF which is the same distance when you head out to Hotchkissville via Jack's Bridge Road, that is if you remember to turn left on Route 317. Gavin, with his new bionic cycling abilities got a big lead on me after the Transylvania Swamp and ended up turning right instead of left. Oh well. 

I got the Almond Croissant which is basically a Croissant stuffed with Marzipan (almond butter). Gavin had the usual Raspberry Cinnamon Bun. It was a delish! 

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