Thursday, April 21, 2016

This week in Bike Commuting: More bikes in the rack

Spring seemed to have return to Southwestern Connecticut and the morning temperature was 55 degrees - that's shorts riding weather.  After being in Florida most of the past week it wasn't such a shock.  This week I was trying a a twofer, bike commuting Tuesday & Thursday in order to prepare for my upcoming Gravel Grinder, D2G2, so I needed the miles.  

The rack was empty making PeeWee Hermaning the Cross Check a breeze.

Coming back down at the end of the day I was surprised to see three more bikes keeping company with the Cross Check. I paid a visit to the rack last week and noticed the blue & white Giant on the rack but this is the first time I have seen it together with my bike.

The Giant's owner did a fair job locking the bike to rack but anyone with bolt cutters or even a hack saw can free it from the rack because the U-Lock is securing the frame to the rear wheel and the cable is securing the front tire and the rack.

The owner of the Wally World hybrid tried to emulate me only they locked the frame to the rack so any enterprising Bike Pirate could get a free set of wheels. 

The other Giant Hybrid on the rack only had the frame locked to the rack, which would add to the Bike Pirate's booty. 

It was in the 70s when I left the office and I felt nearly naked riding in just a jersey and shorts.

Turkey up a Tree

Thursday's commute was different story

Below the freezing mark.

My toes were freezing so I stopped at the halfway point and walked around a bit till they warmed up.


The sun came out a few minutes later and the rest of the ride was a lot more comforable

I am enjoying the new route through the old neighborhood

But getting stuck behind a bus can be a pain.

At the rack, there was a new bike and it was locked up reasonable well.

I can't wait till it's a little warmer so I don't have ride with so much crap!

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