Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The unhappy stem

I switched out the Bike Nashbar stem and went to a shorter necked, flatter angled Nitto stem to see what the difference would be.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the happier stem didn't feel right and I knew I needed something flatter.  I got everything put together, threw on my cold weather riding kit, and rode up to town to vote on a referendum on how best to use free money that was given to the town post the Sandy Hook Massacre.

The riding position felt really good but the stem was too short.  I felt a little scrunched in the cockpit.

I went for a slightly longer ride this time too, heading down to Castle Hill and then sweeping back up towards Rt 302.

On the way back, I passed by Ferris Acres \, the local Creamery and Ice Cream hot spot and the place was packed.  It was opening day and the temperature was 26 F and yet the line extended all the way to back and the parking lot was jammed with cars.  I was riding with balaclava and lobster gloves because it was so cold.  I went to the lobsters at the last moment because holding the untaped bar was a lot colder than taped.  I still wasn't sold on this stem and wanted to be able to remove it.

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