Sunday, April 03, 2016

Schwinn Paramount Single Speed makeover

I finally mounted up my new Serfas Seca 23mm tires on my old Mavic CXP 33 rims after a 3 week Online Shopping Fiasco with an retailer called OutdoorEquipped.  I love these wheels because the hubs are Shimano 105s and they roll for evah and I just knew they would look really hot on the Schwinn.

The Schwinn came with a Ritchey 140 mm quill stem but it never felt right on this 62cm frame.

So I replaced it with this very happy Bike Nashbar quill stem that I bought a few years ago that I was using on my Trek 720 Multi-Track commuter project in which I used my FUBARs.

While the distance from the steerer was good it was just too happy and made the ride too upright, almost like a comfort bike..   

Despite all that the new tires combined with my converted track wheelset look really pimp!

Just as I thought, the happy quill stem put the bars too high and made the feeling in cockpit a little awkward.  Just to be safe, I didn't put the bar tape on because I figured I might be trying another stem.

The only time I could go out for a test ride was Sunday evening and it was really cold, once again.

It was a freezing good ride.

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