Monday, April 11, 2016

RBW: Pimping with Huggy Bear

Gavin and I met at the Big Y Thursday morning at 5:30 for what seems to be now our once, weekly Ride Before Work.  I was really eager this morning for some reason and left my house a little earlier than normal, I only need 15 minutes to ride to meeting place.  I detoured down to Edmond Road and then climbed up part of Church Hill to the Big Y.
The Religion Barn at the top of Tauton Hill Steps
Gavin rolled in just as I was getting there and he had a new XM, early rap station booming on the stereo!  The weather was weird because the temperature was hovering around 40 degrees but the roads were slick and there seemed to be a lot of humidity in the air.  Rain was predicted for the afternoon so perhaps that was why. Gavin was on his game and totally hammered the Tauton Hill Steps. I wondering if the new bike had something to do with it.

We did the usual morning route, which is around 20+ miles for me because I leave directly from my house while Gavin wakes up early enough to ride but usually has a cappuccino instead.

The usual route winds up going over Castle Hill and looking down upon the Newtown Flag Pole and Church Hill.  A sight that never grows old.


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