Saturday, April 16, 2016

Riding a Beach Cruiser

I took the family down to Ft Meyers for a little Spring Break vacation and on when we arrived I was looking into the window of the local Bike Rental Shop and spied this hot looking fixie!  I had called around to the various shops during the prior week and found you could rent road bikes and beach cruisers.  Being that Ft Meyers is so flat, a fixie would be perfect but I had no such luck finding one but when I saw this I thought there was hope.

What I wanted to rent

What I got.

I went out for a quick spin down the road from the shop

And returned at the water's edge!

Despite the crappy bike it was fun

The next morning I went out for a longer ride

Down the beach from the hotel till I couldn't ride any further

Sunrise was spectacular

Heading back over to the road, I continued south to Lover's key

And the sun rising was even more spectacular

Turning around on Lover's Key, I tried a little gravel, too

Climbed one of the highest point in Ft Meyers

Which happens to be a bridge

Drafted a snowbird

This guy had to have been at least 80

Hope I don't look like that when I get to be that age

Afternoon ride before turning the bike back in

I rode in flip flops!

Bike sucked but still had fun

And rewarded myself for good ride ridden!

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