Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Twenty three days till spring?

My limit for riding in cold weather, commuting and road riding, is 15 degrees so when I got up Tuesday morning and checked the thermometer it read 17 degrees.  Of course, that reading is usually off by a couple of degrees because the temperature sensor is against the house.  Doesn't seem like spring is less than a month away.  

Staying off main roads I road Castle Hill.  The view in the morning is always spectacular but it's worth the climb.  

I don't think you can really tell the difference between one or two degrees.  Whether it's 17 degrees or 13.6 degrees as the Garmin reported after Castle Hill, it's still freaking cold.  My Lake 303 did a pretty good job keeping my toes warm.  Toe heaters would have been perfect and it's something that I will have to try the next time I am riding at this temperature.

While it warmed up a bit in the afternoon it was still freaking cold.  I could tell the difference between the morning and afternoon temperatures.

I was kicking myself when I got to the office because I had left my headlight battery at home.  Yet at 5:30 PM there was still quite a bit of light left and it was enough that I didn't need to run a head light.  

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