Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My new whip

All my mountain biker buddies say I have gone over to the dark side of cycling with purchase of this bike.  I think I was already there with all the riding that I did last year on the Cannondale XS800 but I think this bike makes it official!  I have gone roadie!

This will be my third Cannondale but as I really start this new chapter in my cycling history, this bike is my first real road ride since I bought that Univega 10 speed when I was in High School.  I have always loved Cannondale Bikes and I am so pleased with this purchase.  

When I first saw it at The Bicycle Center I was shocked at how good it looked and by that I mean the blue accents on color scheme are really eye catchy!  I never thought it would look this good but in my head I was thinking when ordering it that anything but black will be great.

It's not SRAM and it's not carbon, both of which are way out of my price range and I am not the slightest bit disappointed because it still has a great components. 

Well, it some carbon on it by way of the fork

I love the internal cable routing and the white bar tape

Even my Garmin Edge matches the color scheme

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